Ad copy, ethics, and English majors: On Michael Cho’s graphic novel

Over at The Comics Journal, I wrote about brands and the ethical quandary a former English major experiences in Michael Cho’s debut graphic novel Shoplifter.

The idea behind this series is to bring together collections of essays from as diverse a chorus of scholars as possible — by subject, argument, academic discipline, nationality — on the subject of major comics artists. So one cartoonist, 10 to 15 essays on their comics all by different authors. I’ve been especially excited to see contributions from established and emerging scholars, many of whom represent the next generation of compelling thinkers about graphic narrative.
Robot 6’s Chris Mautner talks to author, professor David Ball about Critical Approaches to Comics Artists.

Thoughtful context, great visuals here from New York's Abraham Riesman in this Frank Miller slideshow of “Sin City” comics.


I liked Nick Hanover on “The Fade Out,” a promising noir from Image Comics. And I don’t go much for variant covers, but I had to have this — a version of the debut issue that mimics a sort of vintage magazine aesthetic.

"Hunger House," a new comic from Borderline Press, "grips and chills, pace increasing to the end," writes Richard Bruton at the Forbidden Planet International blog.

Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Jules Feiffer has a graphic novel out this week — it’s his first. The New York Times has a review and images, and The Comics Journal posted an "expanded intro and afterword" to his 1965 book, The Great Comic Book Heroes.

Medium chats with Hip Hop Family Tree comic creator Ed Piskor.

I wrote at my site about a big new book called Comics: A Global History, 1968 to the Present. Have a look!