Medium chats with Hip Hop Family Tree comic creator Ed Piskor.

I wrote at my site about a big new book called Comics: A Global History, 1968 to the Present. Have a look! 

Via Wired (UK), comics creator Kazuto Tatsuta got a job at a nuclear plant after Japan’s tsunami.

Comics Alliance chats up Meags Fitzgerald about her compelling graphic history of photobooths. I wrote a post on it, too.


Wild gallery here from Bernie Wrightson (various stuff — album art, magazine work, etc.).

Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s Velvet counters spy films’ “secretaries, ornamental Bond girls, sexualized villains" stereotypes.



(via The Existential Adventures of a Daredevil Escape Artist)

Years before NYC-based artist and writer Paul Pope was garnering Eisner Awards for an intricate, boundary-challenging Batman series, he was making a name for himself working at a Japanese comics publisher. At night, however, Pope was crafting the story of how a circus’s sinewy escape artist earns his keep.


My new piece for Hyperallergic — go have a look, eh?

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I try not to focus on the fact that I could never afford the house in which I grew up, and think instead how lucky I was to have lived there in the first place.
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