Via Wired (UK), comics creator Kazuto Tatsuta got a job at a nuclear plant after Japan’s tsunami.

Comics Alliance chats up Meags Fitzgerald about her compelling graphic history of photobooths. I wrote a post on it, too.


Wild gallery here from Bernie Wrightson (various stuff — album art, magazine work, etc.).

Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s Velvet counters spy films’ “secretaries, ornamental Bond girls, sexualized villains" stereotypes.



(via The Existential Adventures of a Daredevil Escape Artist)

Years before NYC-based artist and writer Paul Pope was garnering Eisner Awards for an intricate, boundary-challenging Batman series, he was making a name for himself working at a Japanese comics publisher. At night, however, Pope was crafting the story of how a circus’s sinewy escape artist earns his keep.


My new piece for Hyperallergic — go have a look, eh?

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I try not to focus on the fact that I could never afford the house in which I grew up, and think instead how lucky I was to have lived there in the first place.
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The editors of ARTFORUM magazine welcomed fifteen comics and animation professionals to contribute their perspectives on the modern condition of both mediums, and, according to the summer issue’s introductory article, to “delve into the history of comics and the graphic novel and their fraught relation to contemporary art and literature….” — an ambitious endeavor that, even in July, offers an imbalanced contributors list and lukewarm result overall.

Read my post on the new issue of the magazine.

1973-era NFL artwork from comics legend Jack Kirby: Wow.